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this has been a prob for some people and idk why...they have been able to fix it by unjoining and rejoining the community. for some reason, when they joined they didn't get posting access automatically like everyone else did. that should work!

Hi! Hi!

I have a suggestion: could we maybe have a daily macro post? I love macros as much as the next person (maybe even more), but I think it would maybe make the comm run a bit smoother?

Just thought I'd pitch this to you.

Thanks and keep up the good work. <3

We'll discuss it -- there's a delicate balance between not enough consolidation of posts and too much, and we're looking to see how the weekly posts work out. Thanks for the suggestion.

This may be an out of bounds question ...

I've been making shirts for some of the ontd_startrek meet ups in a roundabout way and I wanted to know if it would be against the rules to post about the actual selling of the shirts in the community. I obviously don't want to turn it into a market place or anything I just wanted to have something that was convenient for people to see.

Certainly not an out of bounds question :)

My first inclination is to say no to the post, though, on "slippery slope" grounds -- lots of folks in the community sell stuff on ebay or etsy, and we don't want it to turn into one "for sale" post after another. Stuff that's specific to ontd_startrek, though, might be an exception. I'll talk to the other mods and get back to you.


Just a quick question, a few days ago I tried to post about ppl writing to the actors/ question about autographs but apparently it wasn't approved because I haven't seen it on here. So I guess I just want to know why, did I format it wrong/ was it the subject matter? Thanks.

when you submit a post to a moderated community you will get an automated email from LJ one way or another; if it's approved the email will say it was approved, if it was rejected it will say so and contain a note the mod entered with why. posts are generally addressed within an hour so you would have gotten the email soon after submitting the post, i would check your email.

I know we have the friending meme post, but when I looked at it, twitter names weren't originally part of the meme - do we have a post for that and I've missed it? My apologies if that's the case and I'm asking something that's been asked a million times over :)

if not, would it be ok to start a thread just for twitter names and maybe link it to the friending meme? I didn't want to submit something like this without checking first :)

would you like to start a new friending meme and just include twitter info as one of the fields? the last one is old-ish and if you start a new one i'd approve it. let me know if you'd like to do it!

I don't *mean* to be stupid, but apparently I am

I got a rejection note just now that says:

"Here are the reasons for the rejection as provided by the moderator:

this has already been posted."

I don't see it on the Thursday graphics post, and I don't see it in any recent posts. Can you tell me where it's been posted?

It also says:

-no links to outside LJ content are allowed

and then:

-the !thursday post has already been set up today, you can post this again if you'd like in the master post, duplicates are okay there

If I can't link to outside LJ content, how can I post it in the master graphics post?

Re: I don&#39;t *mean* to be stupid, but apparently I am

idk when exactly it had been posted, I know I had seen it before. If you can't find it and the creator

All the master posts say specifically in their text that you are allowed to link to your personal LJs for content in their comments. However, posts to the community are subject to the regular rules.

Also, to continue my stupidity:

There are posts on the comm that link to outside LJ posts (this one and this one, for example) even though the rules say not to. I am confused.

Re: Also, to continue my stupidity:

yes, because as it states in every single master post, links to outside content and allowed and encouraged. We put those there because they are the exception to the rule :)

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Re: ZQ and the Mr Twitter competition

we have the rule specifically in place because at any given point in time there are hundreds of polls involving ST out there and our efforts are to make ontd_st content-rich vs a site that outlinks to a bunch of stuff with varying importance and relevance. it's in the rules and i just made a post about it yesterday so we do plan on enforcing it. hope i have explained it well enough so you understand why we made it a rule :)

Friday fanfic/art post?

Hi, is there going to be a weekly post for fanfic/fanart etc? Cos there isn't one for this Friday and in my timezone it isn't Friday anymore.

Re: Friday fanfic/art post?

I just posted it. FWIW we operate mostly on Eastern (US) time.

I was just wondering if it would be okay to pimp a ontdst_capslock comm. Thanks!

Hmmmmmm. Although we generally discourage it (for fear of a billion "LOOK AT MY COOL COMM OMG XPOSTED EVERYWHERE" posts), I think a pimp thread might be in order. Could you put it together as something along the lines of "Hey, ontdst_capslock is awesome, what other comms are awesome? post them here!"?

I'm trying to recruit comm members to join (and donate to) the ONTD_StarTrek walk team for the AIDS Walk LA. Am I allowed to post an entry for this, or am I only allowed to post the info in the monday meetup posts? Thank you!

How about a top-level post telling everyone about it and such and then you can post reminders in the meetup post each week?

I do hope this is allowed here, cause I'd hate to sound like a moron, lol. But how would I go about requesting affiliation with ontd_st?

I assume you mean you want your comm listed under "affiliates" on the profile page? This is the place to ask :)

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sounds like a great idea!

Hey I've been meaning to ask if you would to affiliate with zsaladana_daily. I notice that we have a quite a few fans of her in this comm, but no one really knows about it, so as a general post, could there be a pimping community post related to everything star trek?

I think I set up an affiliate post a while back, I have to find it. Otherwise I think we'll just have people request to be affiliates there and we'll link to you in the userinfo rather than a recurring post.

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that sounds good, how about posting it this afternoon?

On Omegle I ran into an awesometacular GQMF who didn't even have an lj account and had never heard of ONTD_ST. But he saw the community and the Omegle party post and immediately signed up just so he could join.

Does this awesomeness (GQMF recruit as a direct result of the omegle party post, and of a dude no less) warrant a post about it, even though introduction posts are not kosher?

(He's martin_of_borg)

i'm glad we're recruiting members in various ways but plenty of members find out about the comm in different ways and they don't warrant posts, and if it did it would be overwhelming. sorry.

Hi! I'm curious how you guys have set up the auto-twitter feed, that when something gets posted to the community, a twitter goes out so that I see it and can drop by?

I can't find out how you did that!

none of us have set that up, some other member did on their own, I'm not sure who.

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Because people in this community love gifs and macros and parodies, while feedback regarding fanvids is not as positive. And fanvid does not just mean a video made by a fan, it refers to manipulated Star Trek footage, whether music/voices/etc are added. Original content like parodies are not fanvids.

I wouldn't consider the rules arbitrary, if you look back at the previous mod posts there was a rather extensive poll of the community members to see what they wanted to see in the community and what they didn't, and the rules were designed around that. In fact I believe it's the exact opposite of arbitrary.

The icon post should not have been approved.

And since you say this isn't the first time that you have had posts rejected, what was the issue before?

hi mods! i was wondering if we could have some sort of random story post once a week or something. idk. i have instances in my day that remind me of the comm, but they definitely don't warrant an entire post unto themselves and i feel weird leaving random comments. just an idea. ily guys! :)

(i don't care if this is screened or not. so i guess... let others see it? :) )

I think that's exactly what party posts are for! and we especially don't want to overdo it with master posts...

Hi.. I sent in a post as a gift post to the community. Expanded score of Wrath of Khan. It hasn't been posted. Do i still have access or was the post denied? Thanks!

if you were able to post it means you have posting access...you'll either get a confirmation that your post was accepted or a note that it was rejected. you will have to be patient, not everything can be approved/rejected quickly.

Hello Mods.
First great Com. I love everything about it.
Except one thing: I can't understand why my posts are not approved. I posted 2 days ago something about my fridge and asked if others have a Star Trek decoration on theirs fridge as well.
I didn't get any LJ e-mail saying if it was approved or not. I looked at my personal e-mail, at LJ and even my spam box.
I just would like to know why that post was not approved.
Thank you.

i have no idea, but LJ sends an email automatically whenever something gets approved or rejected, it's not something we can forget to do. i don't know why it wasn't approved, but perhaps if you didn't get any kind of automated response it means that you didn't submit it successfully in the first place. try it again and see what happens.

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Yeah, we're working on a couple of ideas -- we're definitely doing a "Show us pictures of your DVD" thread, and probably a "watch the movie together" thread as well -- stay tuned, and thanks for the interest!!

Are you open to new members? I have peeps over at Shatnoy_RPF who say "GO TO ONTD!", but I can't!

So Joining? Maybe?

I don't get your question. Are you saying you're unable to join? Membership is not closed, anyone who clicks the join button on the info page becomes a member.

Question re "Things That Are Not Cool" - ONTD Star Trek

Note: Please don't publish this comment. It's mainly for mods' eyes only.

Now then.

I didn't participate in the nonsense that was mentioned, although I can imagine how things went.

Which brings me to a question re your site:

Have you considered a no-gossip policy?

I recently visited a fan site for one of the GQMFs. The owner doesn't allow any gossip to fly.

In my opinion, such a policy is a great idea. Having it keeps unnecessary crap miles, MILES away from her site.

I realize that you guys want things to be fun for the fans. And maybe it's because I'm older than most of them--in my early 30s. However, while at times I may be curious, there are certain occasions when I don't think that paparazzi shots are necessary.

At the very least, if you can't resist posting gossip--because I understand that you want to keep things lighthearted--could it at least be of the "fun" variety?

Otherwise things veer into being obnoxious and an invasion of privacy.

Do I really need to know the *intimate details* of people's personal lives?

Certain things are just TMI.

I don't want to sound bossy. Normally I love ONTD Star Trek. (You guys are the only reason I joined Livejournal.)

Admittedly, for all I know you could read this and decide to block my membership. If so, so be it. I just felt the need to be honest.

Take care.


Re: Question re "Things That Are Not Cool" - ONTD Star Trek

i had a feeling you were new to LJ when I saw you suggest implementing a no-gossip policy! :P we are a spin-off of ONTD, which is literally the biggest LJ community and gossip community on the internet. us limiting gossip is like CNN limiting news. This comm's original intention was to be a safe haven to gossip and be trivial without feeling like "serious" fans are judging you. I hope that most of the time things are respectful and not creepy or weird but I guess the latter comes with the territory. I think though that most of the time the gossip is contained in gossip posts and can be easily skipped.

So since a few of our GQ bbs are nominated for People's Choice awards would it be relevant to the comms interests to do a ...well, not a full on party post, but a discussion post during the red carpet/award show?

sure, that sounds like fun


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